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Nothing can be more important in Canadian society than the health and welfare of our children. They represent our future. There is ample evidence that appropriate investment in their health and welfare pays unparallel dividends over many decades in terms of health, social and economic outcomes.
The Terrequity Children’s Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of all children, up to the age of 18, and hopes to make a difference for our communities.

The Terrequity Children’s Foundation is managed by an active volunteer Board of Directors. We rely exclusively on special events and charitable contributions from our Sales Representatives, staff, individuals and corporations to support the Terrequity Children’s Foundation. The majority of the money is spent locally: all funds are used effectively to provide opportunities in life for as many local children as possible and particularly those that are least able to help themselves. Our Foundation’s objective is to assist other organizations in improving the quality of life of children in need.
The Terrequity Children’s Foundation is a charitable organization whose vision is to raise funds and distribute grants to inspire hope, enrich lives, and build better futures for children in need. The Terrequity Children’s Foundation has raised thousands of dollars from various campaigns and events through the generous donations of our Sales Representatives and supporters.
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Terrequity Children’s Foundation was established in 2008 to provide care and support for children need from all over the greater Toronto and surrounding area.
Thanks to the generous support of our sales representatives Terrequity Children’s Foundation will be able to help hundreds of children and their families. Terrequity Realty Inc., pays for the administrative and operating costs of the Terrequity Children’s Foundation. RLP Graphics pays for artwork and in house marketing material, with the exception of accounting fees and printing promotional materials, all donations go directly towards helping children in need. We are grateful for the support of our sales representatives, staff, volunteers and individuals who further our mission.
For more information please call 416-790-4149 or e-mail tcfdonations@terrequity.com
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